Skin care being one of the most important factors in our daily life, with Manufacturers adding more and more chemicals to their products, we have created our Ointment range. This is a family secret recipe for each individual cream, ranging from Fully Organic Tinctures and Herbs to 5 Star Cannabis oils. Our creams have evolved and bettered over the years making us by far the leaders in Fully Organic and Natural creams in the market. Here is why our Ointments are the best:

*Cannabis Cream - Healing

*Cannabis Cream - Pain

*Cannabis Cream - Sport

*Packaged in a clean and sterile environment

*Organic and Natural Farming

*First Generation 5 Star Cannabis plants

*Strictly Organic Pesticides used Indoors, Greenhouse and Aquaponics

*Organic soils and fertilizers


*Organic Tinctures

*Organic Creams 


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