The Animal Chews originate from our Great Grandpa. Traveling on horse back in those days, made horses highly valuable and irreplaceable. Cannabis was always in our Great Grandpas Horses Diet and over the years we perfected the age old recipe. The chews do not only help Horses, but all livestock. Our Chews boosts the immune system of animals and has cured African Horse Sickness at least once. The product is 100% Natural and fully organic. Our Chews are of the best quality (even livestock cannot get enough of it) and here a few more points why:

*Organic molasses

*Raw Rolled Oats

*Edibles for immune support

*Packaged in a clean and sterile environment

*Organic and Natural Farming

*First Generation 5 Star Cannabis plants

*Organic Coconut Oil used for extraction process 

*Cannabis - Indica

*Cannabis - Satviva

*Cannabis - Combo (Indica / Sativa)

*Strictly Organic Pesticides used Indoors, Greenhouse and Aquaponics

*Organic soils and fertilizers

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