The capsules origin came from Grandma spilling all of the Cannabis Oil out of the dropper, we replaced the dropper with the Capsule (Cannabis Oils in Capsules) to prevent spilling and wastage of the magic product. The Cannabis / Coconut oil mixture comes from a long line of family recipes, which we have perfected over the years to give you the perfect balance of THC, CBD and Cannabinoids. The Coconut oil acts as the carrier to get all the Cannabinoids to the right places in the body. All of our Cannabis used is Home Grown, Fully Organic and Natural. Only First Generation 5 star plants are used for making our Medicines. This Oil is of highest quality created in love and respect for Man and Animal. @Serenity has the Secret Family recipe that has saved over 100 people from Cancer and other diseases. More details regarding our oils:

*Packaged in a clean and sterile environment

*Organic and Natural Farming

*Organic Coconut Oil used for extraction process 

*Cannabis Oil 0.75ml per capsule

*Sealed Bottles for Consumers safety

*30 Cannabis Capsules per container

*1 Capsule per serving (±50%THC and 45% CBD)

*Psylocibin Capsules 0.1grams per cap for microdosing

*Cannabis Oil - Indica

*Cannabis Oil - Satviva

*Cannabis Oil -  Combo (Indica / Sativa)

*Strictly Organic Pesticides used Indoors, Greenhouse and Aquaponics

*Organic soils and fertilizers

* Love - Light - Life